The images made available on the betacloud are maintained via the repository betacloud/images.

The following images are currently available.

Name Login user Password
ArchLinux root  
CentOS 7 centos  
CentOS Atomic Host 7 fedora  
Cirros cirros gocubsgo
CoreOS root  
Debian 8 debian  
Debian 9 debian  
Fedora 27 fedora  
Fedora 28 fedora  
Fedora 29 fedora  
Fedora Atomic Host 26 fedora  
Fedora Atomic Host 27 fedora  
Fedora Atomic Host 28 fedora  
Fedora Atomic Host 29 fedora  
Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router root empty password
OPNsense root opnsense
Octavia Amphora root  
RancherOS rancher  
Ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu  
Ubuntu 16.04 ubuntu  
Ubuntu 18.04 ubuntu  
Ubuntu 19.04 ubuntu  
openSUSE Leap 15.0 opensuse  
openSUSE Leap 42.3 opensuse